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China AL PCBs with 3.2mm thickness
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Shenbei Group top management team members come with more than ten years of experience in the PCBs industry. In addition, in order to reach top level performance as a printed circuit board supplier, Shenbei Group has invested in an international management and sales team recruited from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
With brand new equipment and total production area over 20,000 sq. meters, Shenbei Group is capable of producing 200,000 square feet of 2-32 layer PCBs and delivering over 5000 varieties monthly. We can produce quick turns to meet 24-hour delivery for double-sided PCBs, 48-hour for 4 to 8 layers and 120-hour for 10 layer or higher PCBs.
In order to satisfy the growing market demands, we have built a new factory in October, 2010, which named Sichuan Factory, located in Suining city,Sichuan Province especially designed for small to medium mass production volumes. The combined Sichuan and Shenzhen facilities have proved to meet all our customer’s all requirements from prototype to mass production.
The new factory has two new industrial buildings that are about 20,000 square meters, and have brand new automated equipment from Israel, Japan, German, and Taiwan. Shenbei group has also met the highest international manufacturing standards by being approved for these quality certificates: ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949. We are UL certified for single sided, double sided and multilayer PCB production, and adhere to all of the requirements for IPC and ROHS standards.
Since established, Shenbei Group has set up a powerful R & D team to improve its technology capability for high frequency, high TG, high CTI, impedance control, buried and blind holes, rigid-flexible combination material, aluminum base, and halogen free, etc. The products of Shenbei are widely applied in communication, network, digital products, industrial control, medical care, aeronautics & astronautics, defense & military fields, as well.
With the experienced and skilled management, consistent high quality, proprietary production techniques and professional service, Shenbei Group has won high recognition from customers throughout the world, including Mainland China, Thailand, USA, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Israel, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Our company believes in a philosophy of being people-centered and in line with the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement. With the market as our guide, and with quality, efficiency and assurance in our processes, we strive to produce world-class products and services and to continuously improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Shenbei Group expects to make its contribution to the continuous advancement of the electronics industry for our greatest strength under support of customers.China AL PCBs with 3.2mm thickness
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